What People Are Really Thinking About Your Best Man Speech

Best Man Speech Thinking

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Are you nervous about giving your Best Man Speech?

It’s only natural.

You’re the headline act. People are expecting to be entertained. They want the speeches to finish with a big bang, not a damp squib.

The truth is, much of the anxiety that comes with delivering a speech is a result of endlessly pondering the question: “What will people think?”

If you want a glimpse into the mind of your future audience, read on…

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10 Best Man Jokes You Should Avoid at All Costs

Best Man Jokes - Sheep

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Giving the Best Man Speech is tough – not least because everyone’s expecting you to be funny.

But not everyone’s a natural comedian, so who could blame you for borrowing a few “tried and tested” jokes from the internet?

The trouble is most best men look for inspiration in exactly the same places – and they end up finding exactly the same best man jokes as everyone else.

So if you want to avoid telling jokes that many guests will have heard before (and make them wonder how much more of your speech is borrowed from elsewhere), check out my list of over-used and predictable best best man jokes you should avoid at all cost.

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10 Best Man Speech Mistakes That Make You Look Like An Idiot

Best Man Speech Mistakes

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It’s a great honour to be given the role of Best Man at your friend’s wedding but it does come with some responsibility.

Whatever else is on your mind as the big day approaches, you must surely be hoping this: that you don’t let your best friend down.

Here’s my guide to some of the most common best man speech mistakes so you can learn to identify – and avoid! – them.

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Warning: A Free Best Man Speech Could Be Bad For Your Health!

Free Best Man Speech Warning

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A free best man speech taken from the internet can seem like a lifesaver if you’re stuck for ideas (and running short of time).

But what might at first appear like a smart solution to your wedding speech woes could just blow up in your face and cause you a lot of stress when you least need it.

In this post I look at why free best man speeches often don’t live up to expectations and why writing your own is much better for your health (and your credibility).

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