The Stress-Free Guide to Writing a Short and Simple Groom Speech

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The Groom Speech is one of the most important pieces of the wedding ‘jigsaw’.

Get it right and you’ll be a hero in the eyes of your new bride and leave your guests with big smiles on their faces.

Get it wrong and there could be a big, embarrassing hole in the middle of an otherwise perfect day.

So the pressure’s on and while the groom speech is not a hard one to pull off, it’s also an easy one to screw up.

But there’s no need to panic! Take a deep breath, think calming thoughts and read my Minimalist Guide to a Zen-Like Groom Speech That Simply Works.

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Father of the Bride Speech Fail! 5 Great Ways to Really Screw It Up

Father of the Bride Speech Fail

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It’s your daughter’s big day.

You’ve worked hard on your Father of the Bride speech.

There’s nothing you want more than to see her beaming with pride.

But somehow, against all the odds and despite all your best intentions, you manage to totally screw it up.

It’s a serious case of Father of the Bride Speech FAIL! But it could so easily have been different.

Here’s my guide to 5 Great Ways to Really Screw Up Your Father of the Bride Speech.

Avoid these like the plague – or follow them to the letter if you’re still determined to go down in flames!

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The Hollywood Guide to a Blockbuster Wedding Speech

Wedding Speech - Hollywood Guide

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We’ve all heard the jargon that accompanies the next “must-see” Hollywood film.

Before it’s even been released there’s the “early buzz”.

As soon as it opens we hear that it’s getting great “word of mouth”. And before long come the “Oscar nods”.

But whatever you think about Hollywood hype, there’s nothing quite like coming out of the cinema on a high after seeing a really great movie.

Wouldn’t it be great if people had the same feeling after your wedding speech?

In this post I look at what we can can learn from Tinseltown when it comes to giving a wedding speech that’s a huge hit – not an embarrassing flop.

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10 Best Man Speech Mistakes That Make You Look Like An Idiot

Best Man Speech Mistakes

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It’s a great honour to be given the role of Best Man at your friend’s wedding but it does come with some responsibility.

Whatever else is on your mind as the big day approaches, you must surely be hoping this: that you don’t let your best friend down.

Here’s my guide to some of the most common best man speech mistakes so you can learn to identify – and avoid! – them.

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Warning: A Free Best Man Speech Could Be Bad For Your Health!

Free Best Man Speech Warning

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A free best man speech taken from the internet can seem like a lifesaver if you’re stuck for ideas (and running short of time).

But what might at first appear like a smart solution to your wedding speech woes could just blow up in your face and cause you a lot of stress when you least need it.

In this post I look at why free best man speeches often don’t live up to expectations and why writing your own is much better for your health (and your credibility).

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7 Steps to Wedding Speech Heaven

Wedding Speech Heaven

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For most people, preparing to give a wedding speech will be the first time that they will have had to write any speech – let alone such an important one.

Much of the anxiety experienced by a first-time speaker is simply due to not knowing how to proceed – and long periods spent staring at a blank piece of paper do nothing to boost confidence!

Fortunately, creating a great wedding speech – such as a Best Man Speech, Groom Speech or Father of the Bride Speech – is not too hard if you follow my 7 Steps to Wedding Speech Heaven.

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