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Hi! I’m Glen and I can help you with your wedding speech.

Hello! My name’s Glen and I’m the guy behind Wedding Speech Coach.

If you’ve got a wedding speech coming up, I can help you to get it just right.

I’ll help you to create an original speech that is rich with personal experience and detail – and genuinely entertaining.

While there are countless free wedding speeches, speech templates and wedding “jokes” to be found online, ultimately it boils down to this…

Do you really want to give a cut-and-paste speech that anyone could have given, filled with old jokes and tired observations that many people will have heard before?

Or would you rather give a speech that is unique to you, that surprises and delights those closest to you? (and makes you look like a total hero in the process!)

Why am I qualified to help?

Glen's Groom Speech

This is me giving the groom speech at my own wedding in October 2012.

My background is as a professional script writer for radio, television and online, working in the UK for broadcasters such as the BBC and Channel 4.

I was in-house writer and script editor for BBC Comedy Online. Prior to that I co-created the popular online series Henry 8.0 starring cult legend and bona fide national treasure Brian Blessed.

I’m also a keen public speaker and past president of Bloomsbury Speakers in central London. As a member I acted as a mentor to less experienced speakers and won numerous humorous speech contests at club level and beyond.

If you’re struggling with your wedding speech, here’s a good place to start:

If you would like my help to create your perfect wedding speech, drop me a line using my contact form.

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© 2023 Wedding Speech Coach. All rights reserved.

© 2023 Wedding Speech Coach. All rights reserved.