6 Best Man Speech Prompts to Get You Started

6 Best Man Speech Prompts to Get You Started

So, you’re giving the Best Man’s speech at an upcoming wedding.

Congratulations! You must be a very important character in the cast of the Groom’s life.

That’s presumably why they’ve given you an important job to match your top dog status: delivering what is essentially the flagship speech at their wedding.

But as good as this may be for your ego, it may also be causing you some anxiety.

After all, it’s a lot of pressure for you. Particularly if you’ve never given a speech before.

The good news is that if you can get the ball rolling by generating a few promising ideas, you’ll feel a lot more confident very quickly.

That’s why I created this list of Best Man speech prompts to help you generate the raw material you can mould into a kick-ass Best Man speech.

Let’s jump in…

1) How did you first meet?

Cast your mind back to how you first became friends with the Groom.

Your earliest encounter can set the stage for your unique relationship and history with the Groom.

And talking about it early in your speech gives valuable context for the audience for what’s to come.

Try to remember when and where you first met the Groom and what your first impressions of them were.

Perhaps you met at school or at university or via a mutual friend?

Or maybe you both worked for the same company and a professional relationship inside the office became a friendship outside of it.

Whatever the nature of that first encounter, I’m curious: did you “click” with each other right away, or did the friendship take time to develop?

And remember, if your initial impressions were less than positive, it could be an opportunity for adding humour to your speech.

“To be honest, when I first met Daniel, I thought he was kind of arrogant.”

Whether your first meeting was memorable or forgettable, it’s a great place to start trekking through your shared history searching for material for your speech.

2) How has he changed over time?

We all change with the passing of time, and how people change is part of the story of who they are.

Looking back at that first encounter and the early days of your friendship, what’s different about the person you see before you now?

For instance, it’s common for people to mellow and mature as they get older. Is that true for your friend? Or has he gone in the other direction?

What kinds of things would he do years ago that he wouldn’t do now?

And what does he do or say now that his past self would find surprising or even shocking?

Looking at how he has changed over time gives you an opportunity to tell stories from before and after a change to show the contrast.

For added depth, think about the reasons behind those changes.

What major events in his life were catalysts for change?

And how has he changed since meeting his Bride?

Discussing ways the Bride has helped the Groom mature or brought out the best in him showcases the relationship’s positive influence.

3) What are his weirdest habits or traits?

We all have unique habits and personality traits that make us who we are.

Some of these are invisible to us. Others we know about but try to keep hidden.

But if anyone knows what they are, it’s those people closest to us.

And as the Best Man you are well-placed to know the Groom’s most peculiar habits and annoying traits.

So what can he always be relied upon to do or say? In what situations is his behaviour totally predictable? What does he do that annoys or confuses other people?

For instance:

  • Maybe he’s tight with money. Or totally reckless with it.
  • Perhaps he’s full of big ideas he never follows through. Or full of crazy ideas that backfire when he does follow them through.
  • Does he have a terrible sense of direction that means he gets himself (and others!) totally lost in new places? Or places that should be familiar?
  • Is there something he thinks he’s good at where those around him know the opposite to be true?

Discussing the Groom’s funny quirks or idiosyncrasies lets you give him the good-natured “roasting” that guests expect from a Best Man speech.

Aim to poke fun in a friendly way that isn’t too embarrassing for him and gets laughs of recognition from other people.

4) What are some “classic” stories about him?

Embarrassing or revealing stories about the shenanigans you got into together can be a great source of nostalgia and amusement.

They also illustrate the tight bond between the two of you.

So what are the deeds (or misdeeds!) and situations that come up most often in conversation when you meet?

When close friends say: “Remember the time when…”, what usually comes next?

The stories that get retold amongst your group of friends deserve a wider audience and your Best Man speech may be the perfect opportunity.

Of course, not all stories will be suitable for an event like a wedding where extended family and children are present.

Some tales should remain untold but others can be made suitable with selective editing and careful wording. The average guest will still get the gist and those who know the full details will get the extra enjoyment of an inside joke.

Tip: Go back to your list of habits and personality traits. What stories bring those qualities (or flaws) into the sharpest relief?

5) What hardships or challenges have you faced together?

Stories of fun times you had together make great fuel for your speech, but there’s space for seriousness too.

Because as much as people can bond over a shared adventure, it’s the times where you supported each other that show the true strength of your friendship.

So, was there a time when the Groom’s support or advice helped you to navigate a difficult situation or tough period in your life?

It’s possible they don’t realise how much you valued their help in those moments. Your speech is a great opportunity for a heartfelt public thank you.

Yes, people will expect the Best Man speech to be lighthearted in tone, but a minute or two of sincerity can give your speech real depth and leave a lasting impression on your friend.

And while we’re in a slightly more serious frame of mind…

Q: What do you appreciate most about him?

Guests will expect to hear about some of the Groom’s less admirable personal qualities and his more foolhardy decisions.

Those topics are ripe for humour and guests will want to laugh at the Groom’s expense — it’s part of the tradition of the Best Man speech.

However, it’s important to add balance by highlighting some of the Groom’s best qualities too.

Taking a moment to sincerely praise the Groom’s best qualities helps to balance out the ribbing you’ll give him elsewhere in this speech and help to answer the question: why is this person such a valued friend?

Maybe it’s his generosity, or his sense of humour. Maybe it’s his loyalty or his thoughtfulness. Maybe he’s a good listener and always offers sound advice.

So spend some time working out what it is you like about him. It’ll be good material to round out your speech.

And it’ll make you feel better about those parts of your speech which aren’t quite so complimentary!

Ready to Get the Ball Rolling?

When you think about giving your Best Man speech, it can be daunting.

There’s a lot to do to create and deliver a speech that memorable for all the right reasons.

But the solution is to just focus on the very next step and forget about the rest for now.

If you haven’t started work on your speech yet, your next step is generating some initial ideas.

And that’s exactly what these Best Man speech prompts are designed to do.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get that ball rolling!